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Ezy English Training

Beat The Communication Barrier, Go Global

Every nation sticks to its own standard language within the national boundaries while anyone crossing the borders has to be well-versed with the linguistic pattern that is globally accepted and used. The language that dominates the globe and helps two people to communicate even if they both belong to two different countries is English. Thus, to go global, it becomes important that language barriers are overcome and you become a fluent English listener, reader, writer, and speaker. With us at Ezy English Training, you get expert instructors who look after all your communication needs and prepare you to proceed with your ventures overseas.

English language training

Introducing IELTS/PTE/OET

At our centre, we ensure you undergo the best and most effective training, irrespective of the English language courses you choose, be it IELTS, OET or PTE.

The most popularly known course is the International English Language Testing System or IELTS that is designed and developed to examine how capable a candidate is to study and work in the nations where English is the main means of interaction with the locales.

The second one on the list is the PTE, which is a digital English test that you have to attempt and qualify if you aim at studying abroad or immigrating. The UK, Australian, and New Zealand governments accept PTE scores for visa applications along with other global universities where you apply for admissions.

The third on the list of English courses that we offer is the Occupational English Test or OET. It is a mandate for the ones associated with the healthcare sector and who want to register and establish their own unit abroad.

Before you apply for the test (any of the above), we prepare you for the same being your PTE training/ OET instruction/ IELTS coaching centre spread across multiple Indian cities, which include Bangalore, Delhi, Cochin, and Chandigarh.

English for IELTS/PTE/OET

Preparing You for International Communication

From having a voice call with an international client to publishing papers to present in foreign universities, you have to have excellent English communication skills as this is the only language that makes your interaction with the listeners abroad strong and convincing. Presenting yourself impressively is a major factor when it comes to convincing an individual or a group of people. Through the Test Of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL preparation, our trainers make sure you gain the basic and advanced knowledge of the language.

For the TOEFL test undertaken online, you have to answer at least 1 question each for the assessment of your Reading and Listening skills. In addition, you will be required to write 1 essay for your Writing skill assessment and also attempt 1 task for getting your Speaking skills evaluated. As your TOEFL coaching/training centre, we make sure you qualify all the papers with good scores and be ready with the wings to fly high with your ambitions overseas.

How Do We Differ From Others?

In our experience

Our methodology

Stage-wise assessment

Face to face conversation sessions

Our scores are globally accepted

Fluency guaranteed

Have you been searching for a centre to prepare for the high-stakes IELTS test in India? You can connect with our centres in Bangalore, Delhi, Cochin, and Chandigarh.

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